A shadow in the night. The one you never see


Semira’s Story

Semira was born to a small community of pixies living in a forest like most pixies do, although her given name was Holly. This particular example, however, was different. It wasn’t extremely noticeable at first: her skin was much darker than any of the others, almost grey, and her eyes were a distinctive silver colour, but that was nothing too strange for the long-lived fey creatures. However, her extreme difference was evident from the moment her wings unfurled themselves: unlike the colourful wings of her contemporaries, hers were dark and translucent, almost like tattered shadows.
The community tried their best to integrate the young pixie into the group, but before long her differences became apparent. While the others would play in the sunshine and dance under the moon- and star-light, Holly preferred the shadows; and although most pixies would rather converse with the harmless creatures of the Fey, rabbits, squirrels and the like, she would seek the company of the more aggressive.
One day, a pair of assassins passed through the forest where the community lived on their way to their next target, and, overcome by curiosity, Holly investigated these strangers against the will of the leaders; it was not the first time she had defied them. She crept unseen into the encampment and listened as they regaled each other with tales, and talked over the plan for the current target.
When the night was done, Holly made her way back to the community, but as she arrived back she was confronted by the leaders of the community who quickly realised where she had been. They decided that although they had been lenient with her thus far, this most recent defiance was the last: the risk to the community was too great had she been seen. They cast her out for the good of the rest, and she was unwelcome to return. However, Holly had never really felt at home with the pixies.
She made her way to where the outsiders’ camp was still set, as it was still early morning. Needless to say, the assassins were rather startled when a dark fairy flew up to talk to them. After they had gotten over their surprise, they listened to Holly as she asked to accompany them and help them if she could (she didn’t tell them of why she was alone or of the pixie community that had exiled her). The assassins, after much deliberation and discussion, agreed to bring her along. They realised that such a member could be very useful in a tight spot.
During the day they travelled swiftly, and at night when they made camp, they would teach the young pixie in the ways of the assassin: how to extract and create various poisons and their effects, where the best places to strike a target were, and how to use the shadows to disappear. When they reached their destination, Holly watched from a distance as her newfound friends dispatched their target swiftly and with precision.
Over the years, Holly learnt much from her companions, who were based in Rakyl, and quickly became an accomplished killer. However, the pixie’s long lifespan soon meant that she bid farewell to her teachers as they passed on, and she carried on alone, taking the new name of Semira. She developed a career as a criminal-for-hire, specialising in spying, thieving, and assassination. For the right price. She quickly became infamous in Rakyl as her reputation grew, due to her habit of leaving a calling card: a single candle.
Nobody knows how to contact her directly, but everyone knows her base is in Rakyl. And if you ask around town, sooner or later (usually sooner) you’ll get a visit from a small dark fairy. So, if you see a movement in the shadows or a flicker in the corner of your eye, and you haven’t shown an interest in her services, watch out: you might be next. Although it might already be too late…


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